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With a sea of LED signs flooding the streets, one would ask: is it still worth buying neon signs? You might be thinking, what use is it for me to get a neon sign when everyone else around me uses an LED sign?

Let me tell you that you can actually use the massive popularity of LEDs to your advantage.

And no, we’re not talking about using LED signs to leverage this advantage. We’re talking about using neon signs to leverage LED’s popularity to your advantage.

You might be a little confused now, so let’s make it clear.

Nowadays, people are seeing nothing but LED signs wherever they go. Everywhere they turn their heads to, there’s nothing but LED signs and billboards.

It has become a mundane part of their lives to the point that they are constantly ignoring it.

So, if your restaurant is to use a neon sign for advertisement or display, or to attract people, then you will automatically stand out.


Here are the reasons:


  • They are different. Today, everywhere you look, you’ll see nothing but LED signs. Obviously, a restaurant using a neon sign will automatically stand out or attract the attention of a diner or a passerby. It has a different look and feel compared to LED signs. It’s like wearing color blue in the middle of a crowd wearing nothing but color white. In addition to that, the neon sign’s shrinking popularity makes them a rare sight, so anyone who can find an establishment using them feels like they found a gem.
  • You can let your imaginations go wild! Neon signs can easily be morphed into different shapes. There are basically no limitations when it comes to what kind of appearance you want your neon sign to be. Your restaurant logo can easily be reproduced and you can even add additional elements around it to make it more attractive and prominent.
  • They can last a decade. Neon signs have a long life. Contrary to what others say and believe, a neon sign can easily last you a decade if properly maintained.
  • They have a warmer and more welcoming look and feel. Compared to LED signs which gives off a colorful, yet devoid of soul lights, neon signs have a warm and fuzzy feeling and color to them which makes them more inviting, more alive, and more pleasant to the eye. They have a history associated with them and they’ve been proven to catch a wandering soul looking for a warm and fuzzy place to eat.


Five Fun Neon Sign Ideas for Your Restaurant

Speaking of neon signs, I know what you actually came here for. Pretty sure you already knew the appeal of having a neon sign for your restaurant, but the introduction above was just to solidify your decision – we don’t want you going anywhere now!

So, let’s get to the main course!

Here are some cool and fun neon sign ideas for your restaurant! Draw inspiration from these designs to create your own unique signage that will attract the attention of every hungry (or even full) passers-by:

This first design we have is from Thunderbird Restaurant in Mt Carmel Utah, the “home of ho-made pies.” What sets it apart from that dull looking Chevron signage behind (and other signages in the area) aside from being neon is the clever use of the limitless shaping capabilities neon signs have. And who wouldn’t be enticed by that majestic looking bird? (Image source:

Our next design features a humanoid pig playing a guitar along with the words “Pork & Blues”. This will certainly catch the eye of anyone looking for a place to eat with music or live performers. This is a good idea if you have a restaurant offering similar stuff. For example, you can use a chicken playing drums and the words “Chicks & Rock n Roll”. (Image source:

Long live bacon! Certainly, anyone who’s famished will never be able to back down after seeing a sign like this! The red color intensifies a hungry diner’s desire to eat (red makes us hungry). (Image source:

Thank God it’s Fry Day! Wordplays are also very effective for restaurant neon signs. If you have a clever business name, it will certainly look magnificent if used in a neon signage. The warm and inviting color of the neon lights combined with a clever word, phrase or your unique business name will certainly attract anyone. (Image source:

Since the dawn of human civilization, we’ve already been using pictures to communicate or to at least convey ideas and other stuff to one another. Thankfully, this thousand-year-old tradition was preserved by the restaurant who uses the neon sign above. No one can deny that a slice of pizza and a cold one will certainly bring anyone happiness! (Image source:


Although LED signs are growing in popularity and are becoming cheaper, neon signs are still viable options for signage and decoration. They will remain as an effective tool to attract or call the attention of anyone.

In terms of cost, maintenance and initial price, neon signs and LED signs are close to each other, but neon signs clearly have the advantage in terms of aesthetic and nostalgic appeal.

We hope you got some ideas for your restaurant sign. Be creative. The possibilities are endless! Long live neon signs!

This post was written by Cathy Dawn from