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About Us

In 1997 A Moveable Feast founder Beth Dalton planted a seed in a small   Portland kitchen that would blossom into one of the area’s premier gourmet catering companies.  Her philosophy was simple; create exquisite food using nothing but the finest ingredients, and maintain a firm dedication to quality service.  Giving her clients peace of mind was and is still to this day equally as important to her as creating a piece of gourmet food.

Carrying forward this company philosophy, the entire team has helped shape A Moveable Feast into a company servicing clients’ needs ranging from intimate cocktail & dinner parties to social & corporate events for 700.  Although A Moveable Feast is fully capable of orchestrating such large events, it’s the smaller, more intimate affairs that remain our passion!

By selecting A Moveable Feast to cater your special event, you will be able to sit back, relax, and have your vision materialize before your eyes and become reality.

Food for thought:

“The palate, my dear fellow, is as delicate and susceptible of training

as the eye or ear, and equally deserving of respect.”

Guy De Maupassant

431 Congress Street, Portland, Maine, 04101 – 207-761-9330 –