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It’s always exciting to attend parties, right? We love parties because we can have fun and let our hair down. Not to forget the happy memories created during those few hours! Now, attending a party is fun. But just give a thought from the organiser’s point of view! The amount of planning that goes into a single party is something that the organiser knows really well. And despite the meticulous planning, there’s always some confusion, chaos and then something gets messed up. Which is why we recommend a Party Planning Checklist! We have prepared one for you; you can go on adding relevant points whenever you are going to organise a party:

Date of the party:
Well, if it’s a Birthday party or Anniversary Party, the question of the date doesn’t arise. But if you’re planning a fun party, make sure you organise it on a date when you’ll get maximum response. Your convenience matters, but you have to consider your guests too. After all, the more, the merrier!

Decide how much you are ready to splurge, and then make arrangements according to your budget. It’s not necessary to have a high budget to organise a fun party. In fact, low budget parties are more innovative, and the guests end up having more fun!

Decide the theme:
You can come up with a whacky theme for your party. Make sure it’s a fun theme and try to get everyone to dress according to the theme. This way, it’s even more fun!

Whether it’s your home, a club, a garden or a banquet hall, make sure you arrange for the venue keeping the number of guests in mind. Also, your venue can also be chosen on the basis of the theme of your party.

Send your invites out well in advance so that people can save the date and make it to your party. You can get creative with the invitations too. You can design them as per the theme to give it a personalised touch. Mention all the relevant details in the invite – day, date, time, venue and theme.

Party decor:
Yayy! This is the most exciting part! You can use your creativity to its optimum and create a unique decor. Decide what items you may need as per the theme and stock up on those items well in advance.

Include games:
Make your party lively by having a little something for all the people attending. A few Spot prizes to pepper the party or even a game of tambola is excellent. You can get innovative with the games, too!

Decide upon the Menu:
Food is why we all attend parties! And tasty, yummy appetizers and drinks are all one is looking out for in a party, amidst all the fun, frolic and dancing. So make sure you have a menu ready for the party. Ensure the quantity of the food and drinks is a little more than sufficient for all the guests.

Get a cake!
A party is kinda incomplete without a lip-smacking cake, isn’t it? So get one! Cakes are a staple at parties and having one never goes wrong. Order your cake from a trusted and reliable baker in advance so that it gets delivered on time! If you are going to bake the cake, make a list of all the ingredients you’ll require according to the cake you’ll be baking.

Parties are fun even if any chaotic situation arises! But this list will ensure everything goes smoothly. Make sure you involve your family members or friends in the Party Planning and Execution Committee – you’ll will have fun for sure!