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Write for us in our food blog

AMF Catering is looking for creative writers who can produce high-quality content! Professional writers and editors, as well as passionate wordsmiths with experience in the food industry,  nutrition, and sustainable agriculture are encouraged to apply. This is a remote opportunity and international topics are also encouraged.

Please note, we appreciate your time and effort spent on article pitches and guest posts, but due to the volume of content we receive, we cannot accept all pitches.

Familiarize yourself with content on AMF Catering.

What type of articles do we accept?

Well written pieces of content between 750 and 1,500 words of beautifully written content.

Note: we only accept original articles and do not cross-post content.

Submit a pitch Using our contact form and INCLUDE your email in the body of the message.

To submit a pitch please include:

Three topic ideas.

Hook of the article – what is the main point?

Include bullet points on why this topic is important, why this topic is interesting to our readers.

In addition to that:

Please make sure this topic is related to food or nutrition, and that we haven’t covered it before. (use search bar on the blog)

Include potential sources: relevant reports, links, articles that you’ll use as sources for the article

Food Tank’s submission guidelines

Title: Provide 3 catchy title options
Article length: 750-1,500 words
Photo: Include a landscape photo for the article (1500 x 900 px under 800 kb) with citation and caption or suggest a photo from